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    • Hello @mjhoward1970,  I have seen this in some of your youtube videos, RW Enhancer 2 is not modifying TS default sounds and the sound engine of RW Enhancer 2 is completly separated from Train Simulator. So it should be a Train Simulator issue.
    • Have you tried to launch steam in administrator mode under windows explicitly ? Does it change something ? 
    • I have noticed a few times that when start a drive I have no external train sounds. This is normally corrected my restarting RW Enhancer 2 and TS 2022. Could this be a bug with RW Enhancer 2 or a bug with Train Simulator?
    • Hi Thank you for the explanations. I'm eagerly waiting for further versions of RWE2 and thus also for changes in the cooking process. Of course, with 300 installed routes (only one stored at a time) and thousands of scenarios and vehicles, I'm not necessarily a normal driver of the TS 20xx 😁 About the Steam Controller: Overwrite might be the wrong word. It should rather be said that my Steam Controller settings are not being applied. My Steam controller (GamePad) has to be activated before starting the TS 20xx (normal process which is integrated in the desktop version of Steam). It expands the in-game controller settings of the TS 20xx. Best regards ricshort
    • Hello Ricshort and thank you for your feedback.  Are you using any software so your Steam Controller can work with RWE 2 or do Train Simulator handle this without the need of any external program ? As for the cooking process, the cooking is mandatory at each RWE 2 launch so every feature can work correctly. However a feature is coming soon so you can choose which route you want to exclude from cooking or not, so if you know some routes that you rarely use, you will be able to disable the cooking for them and this should save some cooking time.  Other optimization will come to the cooking system it is just a matter of time, as the cooking system is a complex system and require a lot of attention when modifying it or adding new feature to it 🙂   
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