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  1. Sorry, I am not a computer whizz, I wouldn't know what to do, I had to ask my son to help me last time.
  2. I have whitelisted R.W.Enhancer Pro on my Norton, doesn't make any difference, as soon as I try to install , up comes the virus warning and Norton deletes it. Having to currently use the older version R.W.Enhacer not Pro. Help please? Thanks.
  3. I have whitelisted R.W.Enhancer Pro with my Norton and still ! It comes up as a virus, was Un-installed again, I just cannot seem to get it stay installed, Norton still thinks it's a virus. Help please? Thankyou.
  4. I too am having the same problem as above, I currently have R.W. Enhacer Un-installed, not sure whether I should install it again.