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Espana Pete

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On most game programmes (Like Microsoft Flight Sim) I can run the sim on my main screen and run add ons (like navigation aids) on my second screen. Will RW Enhancer 2 be able to run on a second screen? To be honest I have never come across a sim so badly written as Train Simulator and programmes like Excel on my second screen disappear whenever I run Train Sim so hopefully you have overcome this "challenge". I must say that your programme has an UI which puts Dovecoat or whatever their name is, to shame. I would like to buy it NOW but just worried if as it is in Beta it might bring the archaic Train Sim to an emergency halt. Is this likely or does it run independently? Sorry for lots of questions 🙂

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1 hour ago, RW Central said:

Hello @Espana Pete and thank you for your kind words 🙂 I don't really understand what you mean by running RW Enhancer on a second screen, do you mean putting some HUD elements on the second screen while you are driving on the first ? 

Not the HUD elements but the sevice sheet for example, would be very useful to have open all the time on a second screen while driving on the main screen. 

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Made more clear (hopefully)
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