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✔ [SOLVED] Running scenario won't loan RW Enhancer 2


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I followed the instructions for setting up the program and everything seems to be working at first - all of the routes and trains are visible in the RW software. However, when I go to a scenario and click Start the game loads but when I load the scenario I only see the standard TS2021 UI and there are no enhancements or custom menus

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Hi, I am having the same issue with no speedo , no icons or voices , I have just installed RW enhanced 2 onto my new Win 11 computer.  Everything seems to be showing and working OK until the scenario opens and the rw2 ui shows up for 1 sec and then disappears (as if going behind the Sim screen), the scenario will run,  but with no enhanced effects.  I have just checked and it is working fine on my old Win10 computer, can anyone help me sort this out?

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