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A few observations


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1) When you launch RWE2 it fully expands the window to fill the desktop and does not remember its previous size state.
2) When you end a service it kicks you back to the RWE2 screen, but you still have to exit the game before you can add your next scenario, therefore seems silly for it to minimise the game only for you to have to click straight back on the taskbar to bring TS to the foreground again.
3) Would love an option to have separate elements of the speedo active or hidden like just the line speed or line speed and PBC position and so on, I will say the resize function was a great addition in a recent patch.
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Hello @IsambardKingdomBrunel

"I would like to see RWE2 actually launch the scenario chosen, not just launch TS."

Unfortunately Train Simulator is not allowing such thing. There is some things that RWE 2 can't do because of TS limitations. RWE 2 is breaking many barriers already 🙂 

But I have something that could reduce the time for the user to search for the right scenario, will release an update explaining this soon.

"Also shut down TS as well when using RWE2 to cancel the service."

This could be added but TS does not need to be closed when doing scenarios, only when using quick drive auto configuration feature from RWE 2. So i will need to think of the best implementation of this. 

Maybe some different options like: "Close TS process when RWE 2 is closed", "Close TS process when quick drive service is done..."

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Fair enough buddy, obviously as an end user i am not aware of the restrictions placed on you by TS.

Hahahahaaha, breaking the barriers is good 😀

Sorry buddy i didn't realise there was no need to shut TS down, between playing different scenarios.

Good information, thanks very much. I would like to add that i really like the option to add proper station stops to QD scenarios.

Very well done in regards that feature.  👍


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[As with all elements of the HUD, it would be nice to be able (eventually) to reduce the size of this, and also to reduce the opacity of this to 0% (such that only the actual speed figure would remain visible and can unobtrusively be put in some unused corner of the screen).]  


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6 hours ago, RW Central said:

@Reef A new HUD "widget" showing the current speed limit is coming in the next update 😉 With this you will be able to hide the speedometer and only display this widget if you want it.


😵 Very nice.. 

This just keeps getting better and better, huge respect to you for your commitment and dedication.

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Well I've just paid for 12 months premium membership for no other reason than to support you but I must say those Azure voices make it doubly worthwhile, I seriously recommend anyone to upgrade if they are in the financial position to do so.

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