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Update is available !

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Update is available ! 🙂 

This update brings several new HUD speedometer customization settings. Now you can show/hide what you want for the speedometer and change the color of the speed indicator text. 




This update also now display the brake levers notch name. (was previously limited to work with combined traction/brake levers).


You can now also see the season when you select a scenario in the RWE 2 'drive' menu.

Have fun ! 




- Added various HUD speedometer customization settings: 

-> Added 'Speed Color' setting
-> Added 'Show Current Speed Limit' setting
-> Added 'Show Current Gradient'
-> Added 'Show Reverser Position'
-> Added 'Show Throttle/Brake Lever Bar'
-> Added 'Show Throttle/Brake Lever Notch Name'
-> Added 'Show Accelerometer'

- Increased speedometer notch names size
- Added current train brake lever notch name on speedometer if detected/available (was previouly displayed only for combined traction/brake levers)
- Added 'season' info in content explorer and drive menu for scenarios (weather infos will come in the future)
- Added more infos for 'Stop At' task type in HUD debug window
- Improved drive menu UI layout. Only one scrollbar is now used for the left side.



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Hi Franck great update, I don't know if it was directly related to my request or not and it doesn't matter either way.

I would wish to suggest a slight amendment to this new feature regarding the speedometer HUD though if that's ok.

Could it be possible to untick speed display and have line speed (speed limit) selected but in doing so would make the line speed the large numbers in the centre of the circle replacing the speed.

At the moment the only way to just have the line speed showing (relying on the in-cab speedometer as is my preferred play style) is to colour the speed numbers to exactly match the background circle colour, it's a good workaround apart from the fact you are then left with a large area of the speedo circle with just empty real estate, especially if you wish to use the gradient aspect too for example (my workaround prior to this update was hiding the greater portion of the speedo HUD below the monitor so I just had an arch with the line speed).


Please keep up the great work 🙂


P.S. Thank you so much for the GB voices on New Years, announcements are so much more immersive and useable now.

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