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Track Monitor enhancement request


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Might I suggest an enhancement for the Track Monitor. I enjoy the changes to the speedometer so it might be worth enhancing the options available in the track monitor as well. For example:

- hide and show where the all the signals are (shows signals that have a non green aspect for UK routes)

- hide and show signal aspects (shows signals that have a non green aspect for UK routes)

- hide and show speed limits (this defaults to show at the moment)

I attach a copy of the signals from the high speed section of the London Faversham route. This is what I mean by always showing signals without also showing the aspect. 



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I would like to see the representation of all signal aspects as well.

Also is it a known bug that when having to change cabs in a loco (session instruction).

The track monitor displays what is in the rear of the player consist, not the front.

I had this problem yesterday when driving light loco, to pick up some wagons.

Then having to change cabs to proceed forward to my destination, with the wagons.

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I am aware that RWE2 cannot handle resuming a scenario from a saved point at the moment, which means having devise other means to see tasks ahead. So would it be possible to have an option to show all stations on the line, the same as a Quick Drive, so that can see the stations that you need to stop at and complete the scenario from a save point. I hope that makes sense.😬

As ever thank you for all that you doing with all the updates.


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41 minutes ago, RW Central said:

Hello John, 

I may have a solution for supporting saved scenario in RWE 2. Not sure if it will work yet but it should 🙂 Need to investigate more but if everything is good it should come quite soon.

That's great to hear. For me that will be a huge step as I rarely manage to finish a scenario in one go. 

Looking forward to that update.👍

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