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MSO (Motor Second Open) not being listed in consist editor


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I have the AP Class 319 https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/emu_rs/class_319_electric_multiple_unit_pack_vol_1

together with the MJW Transport for Wales Class 769 https://sites.google.com/view/majorwalesdesign/reskins/TFW?authuser=0

When creating a consist it is required to have the MSO carriage because of how the logo application works, unfortunately I cannot do that with RWE2 because the MSO doesn't appear in the list.


Without MSO


With MSO



I don't know if this a problem specific to AP or MJW or whether it's to do with the MSO's, thought I'd highlight it anyway though.

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Hello @Reef, can you find it in the "Wagons" section by any chance ? 

If not, it could be a cooking issue with this content. I have seen quite a bit of loading errors with AP rolling stock. Basically when the .bin files are decompiled to XML they contain some syntax errors. Train Simulator is loading the data anyway but RW Enhancer 2 cooking system is is much more careful than TS when reading blueprint data. If there is any syntax error in the decompiled XML file, RWE 2 will not load it's data. 



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Sorry forgot to mention it wasn't in the Wagons section either.


Thank you for the explanation, it makes sense, never mind then if it can't be fixed I'll just keep creating them the old fashioned way. 

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