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✔ [SOLVED] Not hearing azure voices


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Hello @Scip and thank you for the debug.log sent by private message.

After investigation of the error I have found that the issue is caused by latest windows update. This issue has been identified/confirmed by Microsoft so the fix for this issue will be integrated in the next windows update (which will arrive in a week or two maximum).

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We just need to wait the next windows patch from Microsoft, this has been confirmed as fixed by MS devteam in the next upcoming windows update. 🙂 

Here is the answer to this issue report from Microsoft: 



Thanks for the report, everyone! There has been some extensive investigation over the past 12-16 hours, and it's been found that this is a result of a Windows 10/11 patch on Tuesday that changed the behavior of TLS in the operating system. Speech SDK is not the only ones impacted and a wide variety of TLS-dependent service use started failing with the latest patches.

This issue is specific to those Windows clients with the latest updates from Tuesday.

The Windows team is working on the root problem, and we expect a fix to be rolled out to Windows fairly quickly (for a Windows update--there's no ETA but we should assume it's still on the order of a week or two). 


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Not simple for us older users!   It’s not clear to me where the Win10 patch actually is?   Could you possibly give an exact link location and name for the Win10 patch please?  (I have to say this seems to be another example of MS  not properly testing!!😖)

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@462, you are right, Microsoft updates are quite badly tested right now hopefully it will improve in the future. 

You can update windows in "Parameters": https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/update-windows-3c5ae7fc-9fb6-9af1-1984-b5e0412c556a#WindowsVersion=Windows_10

If you have not disabled updates, it should update automatically in the next few days 🙂 

Be aware that sometimes, the update can take some hours/days to appear (Microsoft are distributing updates gradually). 

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Hmm!  It didn’t work for me!😣

The update 2022-10  21H1 KB5018410 which MS installed on 12/10/22 seemed to be the time of damage.  Installing 22H2 failed to fully resolve the issue with intermittent success.   The startup link of RWE2 when on TS is now very dodgy and I have to click around the screen for some time to get things working.  Announcements sometimes work on the train, but not on platform.   Some routes nothing happens.   I swapped the speech back to SAPI in your settings and the announcements came back on but in Azure!

I'm currently trying a full reset.   Years ago when an MS update caused problems you could uninstall it quiet simply.  This no longer seems the case - sad😖


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Despite a full reset nothing has changed.  I’m afraid it’s as a s/w developer told me years ago, MS can be a real pain when they alter their OS without proper testing and this can break so many normally stable programs.   I’m afraid this seems to have happened yet again!   For me their 'update' has broken your excellent program - very sad.   At least years ago we could remove the offending update!!☹️

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@462 Don't panic ! It will be fixed 🙂 I just learned that the fixes made by Microsoft are not distributed trough automatic windows update (yet). You need to manually download and install the fix for now. 

Here is the download page for windows 10: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB5020435

Here is the download page for windows 11: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB5020387

You need to choose the correct one according to your current windows version. If you need some help please contact me by private message.

Alternatively you can wait for the fix to be included in the next official windows update which should be released in a week or two.

Thanks to Microsoft for their unstable updates since some weeks now... In any case, don't panic, the issue is clearly known by Microsoft and everything will get back to normal very soon 😉 

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