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Update is now available by using the "update" section of RW Enhancer 2 🙂 

This update brings quite a lot of improvements: 

- You can now set a FPS limit to Train Simulator directly in RWE 2 interface. 


- A new settings has been added in the content cooker to automatically close the content cooker window when cooking is finished.


- A new filter has been added in the drive menu so you can now only see routes that have some scenarios attached to them.


- Scenarios instructions timetable data (arrival/departure time) is now displayed in drive menu and in the content explorer.


- You can now randomize season, time and weather individually in quickdrive mode with the new "randomize" buttons. 


Along those improvements, optimizations and changes were made to the accelerometer on the HUD. So it's animation and responsiveness is now improved.

Thank you very much for your useful feedback and awesome support and see you soon for another update 🙂 



- Added 'FPS Limit' TS setting in settings menu
- Added quickdrive time, weather and season randomization buttons in drive menu
- Added timetable infos for scenarios in drive menu 
- Added timetable infos for scenarios in content explorer
- Added 'Only Display Routes With Scenarios' filter in drive menu
- Added 'Close window when cooking is finished' option in content cooker window
- Improved track monitor refresh rate
- Increased HUD accelerometer reactivity
- Smoothed HUD accelerometer animation
- Optimized train acceleration calculation system
- Improved user account connection status logging 
- Fixed 'Station PIS' enabled/disabled state not correctly saved
- Fixed being able to set '60' as minute in quick drive time in drive menu 


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