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Request, if possible for implementation:
In a quickdrive weather change while driving on longer routes.
Example Tauern Tunnel, sun on the south side, rain on the north portal.
Or just rain sometimes, then again no rain. After all, it does not always rain in every place.
Or from Sunny day into a Thunderstorm. Why not?
When such can be possible, then i will put this on the Wishlist.

Thank You, Alt.

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 Hi, Yes that would be a great addition,im not sure if its possible though,but weather plays a big part in realism,so if it could be made to be variable en route that would be a very good addition..as it is always changing..You can do it via the AP weather enhancment addon.but its to tricky for me.hopefully one day it will be incorporated in RWE2..in both QD and scenarios..😊

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