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No sound in game


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I've purchased RW Enhancer 2 today and set it up but when it loads up Train Sim I have no sound at all.  If I alt tab out there is no sound either if I try Youtube for example.  I then go to Sound Properties in Windows 11 and click mono and sound is back in Youtube and sound is back again on my PC but no sound in Train Sim.  If I close RW Enhancer 2 and load Train Sim the sound is fine.

Any ideas what the issue is?

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9 hours ago, RW Central said:

Hello @ScottyXTUK and thank you for your purchase. This is the first time that someone report this kind of issue. 

Will take a look at what could cause this. Thank you for your patience.

Could you send me your 'debug.log' file ? You can find it in the root install directory of RWE 2. 

Thanks for the reply, I've attached the file


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