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✔ [FIXED] Missing VP Deltic Pack Images


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Hi - I realise you are very busy developing this amazing product and that in fact I have read you are a development team of one!  Amazing!

Can I provide you with any more information on the problem?    When I view the loco images because the VP pack had so many versions of the Deltic, none of the boxes have any images until I scan down the page off screen. Clicking on an empty box gives the detail and consists.   In Railworks they also appear first as well,  but all the images and information do show up.   I have also checked the VP website and it seems the pack has now been withdrawn, but there is a lot of info about it still on their website.

Might it be possible to give the loco information in the box if the image file cannot be displayed?

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I now have more info which I hope helps sort out this problem:

The VP Class55 pack is installed in: Kuju\RaulSumulator\RailVehicles\Diesel\Class55\ 


Class55_VP_1 to 6


There are image files in each folder even though these do not appear in RWE2 Drive view (They do appear in Railworks though).  I carried out a test by removing those files and apart from a few blank images  in RWE2 Drive view the next Loco's appeared - interestingly they were VP steam Loco's,  So VP folders seem to take priority in Drive view.

I will send a pic of the Drive view as normal without the Deltic pack removed.

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Thanks to @462 great help by private message, I have managed to find the cause of this issue. The data for some rolling stock (and even scenarios or routes) was not properly loaded because of some XML syntax issues in original blueprint files. This would affect the whole data and not just images of the rolling stock.

For some reason, Train Simulator is loading the data even if there is some issues in the blueprint syntax. So now RWE 2 is doing (in a clever way) the same. So now "minor" syntax error in blueprints won't be an issue for RWE 2 content cooking system. 

This fix is currently under testing and it will be added to the next update of RWE 2. Thank you for your patience with this issue, the root cause was not easy to identify at glance. 🙂 

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