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✔ [NOT A BUG] Missing thumbnails in consist list


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Maybe someone can help me here with the missing consist (asset) thumbnails as seen on the attached picture (Consist list left side)

I found out that most of the DTG assets  have thumbnails in the RWE content explorer and consist editor. The assetslist seen on the attached picture shows only a default thumbnail for engine and wagons even they belong to a DTG addon i bought some day before.

I´m getting this issue with literally every asset i have installed which makes it specially in the RWE consist editor hard to  build own consists when u can´t see which color has the loco or wagon/coach.

I tried to reset the RWE content database several times without success. In the TS consist editor on the other side  the thumbnails from every installed loco, wagon, coach are shown.

Any help here realy appreciated




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Hello @normada

This is not really a bug as the wagon and engines "thumbnails" images are generated 100% "by hand". Since I don't have the source code of Train Simulator (of course) I can't generate assets thumbnails dynamically like TS can do from 3D model data. Every thumbnail image you see were generated by hand by going to the TS consist editor, capturing the whole screen into an image and this image was edited in photoshop in order to remove the background and such things. This is a very long process as you can imagine, more than 1500 images was done this way and this was hours and hours of repetitive and tedious work 😄 

However in the future I would like to add some kind of collaborative database so RWE 2 users can upload there own images (with some tutorial on how properly doing it). With this system RWE 2 players will be able to contribute to add more images and those images will be added into RWE 2 updates regularly. 

Hope you understand this limitation 🙂 

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