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RW Enhancer 2 Vulkan Renderer + AMD Radeon = Ingenious! :D


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Hey there,

I just wanted to very thankfully give some feedback:

I recently upgraded my PC (Ryzen 1600X, 16 GB RAM) from an older AMD Radeon (RX 285) to a RX 6700 XT, part of the reason was that I wanted to use some good AA / SSAA in Train Simulator. My test route for performance (for whatever reason) always is the "expert mode" tutorial of New York to New Haven route.

Before GPU upgrade: ~20 FPS without SSAA (with resolution 1920 x 1200)
After GPU upgrade: ~20 FPS with 3x3 SSAA
After GPU upgrade WITH RWE2 Vulkan mode: ~40 FPS with 3x3 SSAA !! 🤯🤗😊😹

I know there are reports that the Vulkan mode doesn't really change FPS (maybe for the general better TSC optimization with NVidia GPUs?).
But, for whatever technical reason: for me it *totally* matters! It makes a difference of "perceived fluid motion" vs. "stuttery"!

Thanks a very lot RW Central Administrateur for this insanely ingenious tool, your dedication and care in saving TSC experience for us all!

I know and welcome the recent reports of DTG wanting to big time improve TSC with convenience features and care, but honestly, as long as they don't deliver, I'm trusting you and RW Enhancer 2 a lot more than I believe them.


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I confim that it works brillantly in Vulkan mode :  60 fps everywhere, super smooth and stable framerate, excellent AA with 3x3 SSAA, no slowering or stuttering anymore.  It's just a dream 🥰  (i7 12700 KF, 16 GB RAM, RTX 3070).

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