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[Bug or Feature?] User started wrong Scenario - Let us improve it


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I am unsure, but I suspect that this is not a bug.

Whenever I select a scenario in RWE 2, but then start another in Train Simulator, the RWE2 HUD is hidden. So far so good. This avoids me playing the wrong scenario. But wouldn't it make more sense if RWE 2 would give a message that a different scenario was started than selected in RWE 2?

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I agree. Personally, I gave up using RWE2 for standard scenarios as I never find it or never know which one I need to start in the game. So, I only use it to start Quick Drive scenarios, which doesn't always work either.

My greatest wish for RWE2 in the future is a simple Quick Drive scenarios editor. It would avoid us to use the horrendous TS scenario editor, and enjoy the game instead of trying to understand why our created scenarios don't work or don't show up in RWE2 😛.

Also, the ability to use any train/consist on any route in Quick Drive (even those which don't feature a QD already) would be fantastic. A simple interface as in the Open Rails explore mode would be enough for me :



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In my opinion, the issue with the current TS scenario editor is that it's all over the place. You need to fill weird graphic interfaces, you cannot go straight to a train station on the map, instead you need to travel with arrows keys on the route and easily get lost in the middle of nowhere (please let me know if there is another way to travel quickly to a train station, I followed many tutorials but they all use this painful way).... Also, when my QD scenarios finally dare to show up in RWE2, they're unusable as there's no train stations to select.  Such a mess.... 😞

BTW, my created standard scenarios won't work in RWE2, I tried everything, either they don't show up in RWE2, either they crash when I start from TS....

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