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Neub general rwe2 early release questions


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I'll begin by apologizing if there is a manual available somewhere that would have answered my questions! My computer is more to the minimum requirements side. I use TSC with AP Sky 2 (I only use the seasonal weather and not dynamic scenarios) along with RWE2. I have DirectX12 and SAPI installed for Win/64 and have the "experimental" box ticked in the RWE2 program setup. I only run North American locos and routes. Here are my questions:

1. When running via RWE2 program in Quick Drive, the reverser, throttle and train brake are the only things that function on my RailDriver/64. None of the buttons including horn/whistle function. My FPS widget also doesn't display. If I quit the game, close RWE2, and reload only use TSC the RailDriver functions properly. Is this normal or if not, is there a patch available?

2. Is there any information on the "Service" popup at the beginning of a run from the "Drive Now" screen? If I ignore it there is an error and the game is over. I'm unsure of the purpose.

3. The RWE2 HUD and top tool bar will display only if the game is run via the RWE2 program, correct?

4. I recall being amazed at the difference in vegetation and improved reflection quality immediately after installing RWE2 and only running the game from TSC. Maybe I'm used to the improvements, but does RWE2 add shades and texture improvements when using the TSC program only? Not sure if there is a way to disable those features for comparison purposes.

Thanks in advance....Rich



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Hello @pez4me2

I'll try to help ! 

1- With RWE 2 you need to launch any external software that work with Train Simulator in "Administrator Mode" (right click on your software shortcut and select launch in admin mode). This way raildriver should work fine with RWE 2.

2- Can you show a screenshot of what you are talking about ? I'm not sure what you are talking about here.

3- Yes in order to get the RWE 2 functionnalities to work (HUD, enhanced sounds...) you need to launch scenarios/quick drives with RWE 2.

4- Once enhanced shaders are installed by RWE 2, they work even if you are playing the regular train simulator with RWE 2 enabled. You can disable shaders improvements in the settings menu of RWE 2 but due to the nature of Train Simulator engine, you can't disable RWE 2 new effects when Train Simulator is running, you need to do it when the game is not running.

As a side note, I have changed my dev computer a few week ago and i'm now restoring everything on the new computer. RWE 2 updates will be resumed shortly 🙂 


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