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Update 0.6.7 + Status Report

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RW Enhancer 0.6.7 has just been released (You can install the update directly in RW Enhancer 2 updater system). 

A few UI/HUD related improvements in this update. You can now select the 'Track Monitor' opacity in the HUD settings. Quickdrive destination distances (if available) are now displayed in miles or kilometers depending on the units used by the route country.

We are working very hard to fix the first big issues and crashes, we have already fixed some outstanding bugs and we will continue to do so in the next days. After this phase we will begin working on the content cooker performance improvements and this is quite a big task. Theres a lot of room for improvements to be made and the content cooking system is a very complex system. We need to take time to do those optimizations properly. 

A big thanks for your support and for those who are collaborate with us in order to help us to fix every important issues. 👍



Here is the complete changelog from 0.6.0 to 0.6.7 so far:

- RW Enhancer 2 is now running in administrator mode by default
- Fixed UI display issue when using other DPI settings than 100%% in windows display settings
- Prevented RW Enhancer 2 execution if it is installed in Train Simulator Directory (which is wrong)
- Prevented user from choosing any directory inside Train Simulator as the cooking directory (which is also wrong) 
- Implemented more security checks to prevent content being cooked in Train Simulator directory
- Fixed some rolling stock shortcuts that were not working correctly when RW Enhancer was active (e.g. CTRL+8)
- Fixed some obsolete keys combination that were still active but meant to be deprecated in RWE2
- Fixed some English spelling errors in the UI
- Fixed some potential unwanted files deletion issue
- Improved providers list building process 
- Added windows popup messages when RWE2 initialization process is crashing
- Fixed crash when building providers and products list in the cooking process
- Fixed some issues in cooking directory selection validity checks
- Improved TS install directory auto-detection system
- Logged TS install directory in debug.log file for debug purposes
- Fixed potential crash at startup if auto-detected TS install directory was not valid
- Fixed some spelling issues in the radio for English language
- Fixed German station PIS 'Willkommen in London' issue 
- Added new 'Track Monitor Opacity' setting in HUD settings
- Quickdrive destination distances (if available) are now displayed in miles or kilometers depending on the units used by the route country
- HUD settings UI layout improvements
- Tweaked checkboxes, sliders, text input fields color so it is more visible
- Fixed some English spelling mistakes on the HUD
- Misc fixes

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