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Update is available !

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Hello everyone ! 

The new update for RW Enhancer 2 is finally here ! After a month of hard work the new content cooking system is now ready ! You can now install this update directly by using the 'Updater' section of RWE 2 🙂 

Please note that your first cooking with this new update will still be long but once the initial long cooking is done, all subsequent cooking should be faster. The roadmap will be updated very soon but until next year we are focusing on bug fixes and improving the existing features. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your great support ! ❤️

Here is the full changelog of this update: 



- New content cooking system: 

-> Major performance improvements (please note that first cooking with the new system will still take a long time)
-> New/modified TS content auto-detection system (No need to perform a long cooking anymore when installing/modifying any content in Train Simulator)
-> No more Train Simulator file is modified during the cooking process
-> Reduced harddrive access
-> Reduced cooking directory size on hard drive (Around 150% size reduction)
-> Better CPU cores management
-> Issues fixes

- Audio engine optimizations and fixes
- Greatly reduced global RAM usage
- Improved rolling stock compatibility
- Improved quickdrive's compatibility
- Improved stations names generation algorithm
- Improved script hook system
- Improved train world coords calculation system
- Improved web communication interface
- Improved image loading error description
- Fixed some quickdrive services not working (blank loading screen) when using other TS language than English
- Fixed some wrong displayed distances to tasks (stations stop, stop points...)
- Fixed polish text font display issues
- Fixed temporary freeze when clicking on 'Drive' button in the drive menu
- Fixed sound layers not being modified/muted correctly when changing cameras via camera keyboard keys
- Fixed temporary freeze before "Ready For Service" window to appear
- Fixed service sheet sometimes displaying wrong engine names 
- Fixed some French radio spelling issues 
- Fixed potential crash in consist editor
- Fixed crash when pressing the 'T' keyboard key after every service tasks were done
- Fixed routes country codes not being read from local cache if Geolocalisation API was offline
- Fixed some images (RW Central user profile image...) not being loaded properly
- Minor improvements and fixes


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