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windows / doors open airflow


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Hi there ,

thanks for the great program.
Is it possible to increase the volume of the audio option "windows / doors open airflow" even further? I hardly hear any difference when the windows are open, even though all the controls in the settings are set to maximum.
Many greetings

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Hello @fare75 and thank you. If you don't hear any wind sound if you have the windows opened and if you are at a decent speed this is maybe caused by RWE 2 not being able to properly detect the cabin windows. 

Could you please go to the "debug" window by using the HUD top bar and click on "Export Controls List" button at the bottom of the first page and send us your generated .txt file ? You should find it in RWE 2 install root directory.

This is explained at the bottom of this page: https://wiki.rwenhancer.com/doku.php?id=core:gameplay_debugwindow

This will help us to solve the issue with this specific rolling stock 🙂 

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