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[Not A Bug] wrong km to destination


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driving on Bayerische Maximiliansbahn from 
Wörgl direct to Salzburg HBF via "Rosenheimer Kurve"
Trainsim Hud shows around 220 km, Enhancer shows only 75 km...
i think, TS with around 220 km is realistic.
because this route is a RSSLO Merge from 3 routes
Holzkirchen-Wörgl , Salzburg - Rosenheim, Salzburg - Mühldorf.
anywhere RWE2 missing some km.

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Be aware that RW Enhancer 2 is displaying the flyby direct distance (like TSW 2) and not the track distance like TS so it is normal to have a difference between TS and RWE 2 in terms of distance.

But in your case the difference seems to be quite huge. Is this route really "curved" ? 

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OK, thanks for this answer. i can not say which program counts here wrong.
so in Freilassing TS shows only 1 Km more then RWE2. 
In Destination Salzburg both programs conts zero.
it seems, that TS counts faster then RWE2.
but i have no Problem with that. its only a Game,

and RWE2 is my Game-Changer for TS into positive side.

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