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Update is available !

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Update is now available 🙂 

This update changes the behavior of speedometer accelerometer. Now going up for acceleration and down for deceleration.


Some fixes and improvement has also been made to how RW Enhancer 2 handle "Pickup Passengers" tasks fail conditions. Now it is more "forgiving" and better match TS rules. An issue has also been fixed were you were forced to fail a pickup passengers task if you train was longer than the station platform length. 

RW Enhancer 2 is shaping up nicely as updated are made, thanks to your feedback and support 🙂 



- Changed speedometer accelerometer behaviour. Now going up for acceleration and down for deceleration.
- Improved station stop train position detection. You can now open the passengers doors if at least 1/4 of your total consist length is still at the platform level
- Improved station stop failed detection system to better match TS rules
- Improved train reverser state detection system for some rolling stock 
- Slighly reduced 'driver chair squeak' sound layer triggering rate
- Fixed audio engine automatic output device selection 
- Fixed 'Pickup Passengers' tasks being failed with consists that are longer than the station platform total length


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