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✔ [FIXED] Track monitor not changing direction


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Hi all!

I am not sure if it is a bug or something not yet implemented but whenever I change cab (i.e. front of the consist to back) and subsequently direction (i.e. from driving towards the station to driving away from the station) the track viewer keep showing what would be infront of the original front cab (so in my example the station would appear ahead of the train icon and moving away) and thus I can't see what is coming. I am not sure if the speed limits are properly shown in the speedometer but the task panel shows the next task just ok.

For clarity sake (I am not a native English speaker) I noticed the problem while running a scenario where I had to drive a consist from station A to B and back to A, changing cab.

I feel that the track monitor should show the track infront of you (direction of the motion) and not what you leave behind.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

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I had something similarly odd like this too, on a QD my 1st station stop was obviously my starting station however I needed to reverse a 100mtrs or so to trigger the actual stop and allow passengers to board, it was showing the station on the track monitor when reversing but it was also still showing the red signal that was in front of me originally when I had been facing forward. 

I don't know if the issue is related or not, I will try again later and screenshot it for you if that helps any.

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