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Re-cooking when a new route, asset or mod added to your installation?


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First, I am simply blown away by RWE 2: it looks fantastic (it made Cajon - one of the first routes way back when Rail Simulator came out - look like a brand new route) and the new interface is just so smooth. I love it!

Now, question: when I load a new set of assets/routes or add mods to either a route or (more likely) some rolling stock, do I have to re-cook for RWE 2 to interact correctly? If so, how do you do that? So far, all cooking has been prompted for me.


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Hello @Smectymnuus and thank you ! I have many more things to add in RW Enhancer 2 in the near future. This is just the beginning 🙂 

A cooking is needed each time you start RW Enhancer 2 but it should be much faster than your first cooking. If you add new routes, scenario or other content, RW Enhancer should re-cook only the changed data. That's why the second (and the next ones) cooking is always much faster then the first one you make when you just have installed RWE 2 for the first time.

In any case, some updates are coming in the near future to reduce the cooking time. 

Patience is the key with RW Enhancer 2 right now while it is in it's early access phase. A lot of things will be improved and fixed during the next months 😉  

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