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Edit PIS Announcement Script


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I think the PIS system is a fantastic addition to TS and I was just wondering if it's possible to customise what the announcements say or create additional ones that could play at stations or during the journey? Say for example I wanted it to announce the name of the train company when welcoming passengers aboard, is there an easy way of doing this such as editing a text file or is it all inbuilt into the actual application? I found a couple of pre-recorded files and the test.script but, that doesn't appear to have much in it.

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One more thing, a complete refactoring of British and German PIS systems is coming in a future update so it will be much closer to the reality of those countries. Along with the possibility to choose a custom jingle sound for each country 🙂 And the train company support will also be added very soon. 

You can see this in the 0.8 roadmap page: https://wiki.rwenhancer.com/doku.php?id=core:roadmap

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