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Hi, I have a question. Is there a scenario editor planned? I mean I have a lot of scenarios, but I'm missing consists. My idea is that it would be possible to replace the missing consists with ones I own that are roughly appropriate and that match the track with one click. Is it possible to implement this? Or give the player a choice of relevant options to select appropriate consist. Working with the internal editor is terrible.
Of course it would be nice to simply change the weather, time of day and the train I'm driving in a given scenario.
My dream would be for RW Enhancer to become a kind of "swiss knife" for Train Simulator management.
One more question. I bought the Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack from Power Armstrong House - https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/enhancements/general/sky_weather_enhancement_pack.
Is it compatible with RWE2?

Thanks for the replies.


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Hello @Obelix

I have some plans for a simple scenario editor that could generate new scenario from an existing one (not replacing the base scenario) and where you could change base properties of the scenarios and edit/remove the consist used inside it. It will need a bit of research and development phase and it will not come soon but it is planned 🙂 The main priority for the 0.7.x branch is to fix and expand existing features.

As for the "Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack" (a very nice addon) it is perfectly compatible with RW Enhancer 2 🙂 

Also thank you for your Premium subscription, it greatly helps ! 

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