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Update is available !

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Update is available 🙂 

This maintenance update mainly improves the Vulkan renderer. The infamous" fog edges" graphic artifact is now fixed ! And that is good because this was the only graphic issue reported when using the Vulkan renderer.


For those who are using the regular DirectX9 Train Simulator renderer,  this issue was also present but much less visible. This is fixed in the shaders now (this was an issue from the base game and not RWE shaders) so whether or not you are using Vulkan the fog should look nicer now.

So when you are using RW Enhancer 2, you get nicer shaders effects but it is also fixing some issues from the base game 😉 

See you soon for another update ! 



- Vulkan renderer improvements and fixes
- Improved stations names generation algorithm 
- Improved fog shading
- Fixed 'fog edges' graphic artifact issue when using the Vulkan renderer
- Minor improvements and fixes


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Guys, look, when I play in borderless mode and click on the window with TS, the screen turns black for a millisecond and switches purely to TS. I can't view anything in picture-in-picture mode because the video window just disappears. It feels like you're just playing in full screen mode. This issue is specifically related to Vulkan. Can it be somehow fixed? This is the only nuance due to which I do not use this rendering method, because I like to watch various videos with TS. The problem with the window is also clearly visible, if you try to take a screenshot of win + shift + s, the window with TS will simply be inactive

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