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Update is available !

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Update is available.

This is the first release of the 0.8.x branch. While the 0.7.x branch was mainly targeted to fix biggest issues and improve the existing systems (with more than 70 updates !), future updates will add more new features and improvements 🙂 Of course bug fixing still continues.

This first update is featuring some UI improvements. The UI is now more "rounded" and less "flat".


Consist viewer and stations platforms infos (in content explorer) has received some UI improvements and fixes with the usage of tables.



The Content Explorer is now more practical with a more cohesive UI for all different tabs. (engines, consists, wagons...)


The service validation system has been improved so now the service is validated earlier than before when performing the last service task. So your service should now be correctly validated on RWE 2 side before Train Simulator ends the scenario/quickdrive session for most cases. 

The audio engine and Vulkan renderer has also received various improvements and fixes in this release.

Thank you so much for your great support and various feedbacks and see you soon for a new update ! 😉 



- Added "BlueprintID" info when hovering on a consist element in the consist viewer 
- Vulkan renderer improvements and fixes
- Audio engine various improvements and fixes
- Improved service completion validation system
- Improved UI style with more rounding around buttons, windows...
- Improved UI layout when hovering on a consist element in the consist viewer 
- Improved UI layout when hovering on a route station name in the content explorer
- Content Explorer various UI improvements and fixes
- UI various improvements and fixes
- Current scroll state is now retained when switching tabs in content explorer
- Routes stations platforms are now conveniently sorted in the content explorer
- Consists without names (mainly used as AI consist for quickdrive) are no longer displayed in content explorer
- Engines, wagons, scenarios and others element without names are no longer displayed in content explorer
- Fixed content cooker 'Reset' not being possible when cooking was finished or when using 'auto-cooking' mode
- Fixed consist elements not shown (when some assets are missing for example) in the consist viewer
- Various improvements and fixes


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