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Update is available !

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Update is available 🙂 

This update add a "Speed Limiter" element on the HUD speedometer. Now you can see which target speed is set on the speed regulator system of the train (AFB, Speed Regulator...) if there is any such system detected. The speed limiter value is displayed right under the current speed limit.


Please be aware that this might not work with every rolling stock yet, but this will be improved over time 🙂 If you play with a rolling stock that do not display this element (and if it should be displayed) please contact me by private message so I can ask for some information that will help me to add this feature support for this rolling stock. 

Tenders are now displayed in the Content Explorer.


This update also include some UI adjustments and some optimizations and fixes for the Vulkan renderer.

See you soon for another content update 😉 



- Added 'Speed Limiter' info (AFB...) on HUD speedometer element
- Added 'Tenders' support in content explorer
- Added 'Max Speed' info in 'Train Global Simulation' debug window section
- Vulkan renderer optimizations and fixes
- Tweaked speed limit color on HUD speedometer element
- UI improvements and fixes
- Fixed alphabetical order issues in content explorer
- Various improvements and fixes


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Hallo Oldsnake,

a while ago i asked if you could add the possibilty to save and restart a paused or saved scenery. You promised to work on this.

Do you have a rough skedule when we can expect this improvement. Most the players dont have the time to complete a scenery over 45-60 Minutes.

Thanks once more for your Program.

best regards dessert ( harald)

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