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New Update and Cooking Problem :(


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As I was thinking, there is an issue in a track tile blueprint file for this route. You can view this in the debug log file:

FileSystem.cpp:569    ERR| Could not SERZ '"C:\Program Files\RW Enhancer 2\Cooking\Temp\8f6b8f62-804d-4444-a488-c3b69dd87e45\Networks\Track Tiles\-000066-000039.bin"' file. Error code: 259
TSContentCooker.cpp:11499  ERR| XML parsing error in 'C:\Program Files\RW Enhancer 2\Cooking\Temp\8f6b8f62-804d-4444-a488-c3b69dd87e45\networks\track tiles\-000066-000039.xml' file at line 7582. Error Description: Start-end tags mismatch

This error is caused either by the route maker or by the "SERZ.exe" tool made by DTG in order to convert .bin files to readable .xml files. So RWE 2 is not causing this issue. With the latest version of RWE 2, routes with such errors are not loaded by RWE 2 anymore. that's why you can not see it anymore. 

In the near future, I will try to add a system to force route cooking even if an error is detected in the blueprint files. But for now routes with such errors are not loaded anymore in order to prevent various potential issues. Thank you for your understanding and patience until a good system is found as a workaround to this kind of issues 🙂 

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Hi,thanks for your prompt reply,and information on the reason,i didnt realise it had an error,( as it plays 100% ok) and was before the update,but its good that its not overlooked by RWE2..a workaround would be good if possible at a future date..as i love this route..thanks again for your quick responce for my issue..😊

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