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What is the best/preferred method to move from RWEpro to RWE2?


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RWEpro is installed. To upgrade to RWE2, do I . . .

1) Have RWEpro revert to game-supplied shaders/whatever, delete RWEpro directory, then install RWE2? (If this is done, should I launch the game once with the original shaders in-place before installing RWE2?)

2) The RWE2 installation process acknowledges that RWEpro is installed and handles what needs to be done with/to the old install automatically?

3) Something else?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @DecrepitTSfan

There is nothing much required to do 🙂 RW Enhancer 2 is 100% independent from RWE Pro. Here is my personal recommendation for the installation process.

1- Make a back of TS assets directory as recommended.

2- Export the current shaders preset in RWE PRO so you can restore your personal settings in RW Enhancer 2.

3- Install RW Enhancer 2

4- Import RWE Pro shader preset (exported earlier) in RW Enhancer 2

5- You can now uninstall RW Enhancer PRO if you want to. Not mandatory but with RWE 2 installed, RWE Pro become useless 🙂 

If you have any more question feel free to ask ! 

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