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Update is available !

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Update is now available 🙂 

This update is ensuring compatibility with the latest 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0' release. RW Enhancer 2 should now work without any potential issues with this new addon. If the addon is detected by RW Enhancer 2, weather/fog effects will not be replaced and will be handled exclusively by the 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0' addon so you can enjoy the best of RW Enhancer 2 and 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0'. You will be informed about that in the shaders settings UI. Here is an example:


This update also make a lot of changes 'behind the scene' in order to prepare futures updates (modding, scripting...).

Thank you very much for your continued support and see you soon for another update ! 😉 




- Armstrong Powerhouse 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0' support (compatibility patch) 
PLEASE NOTE : 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0' reinstallation is recommended if you have launched shaders compilation since the install of 'Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0' addon

- Various core systems changes in order to prepare future modding/scripting features
- Vulkan renderer improvements and fixes
- Minor optimizations and fixes



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