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Black Sky

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Recently when I start RW Enhancer Pro in Train Simulator I get a black sky after I compile shaders. I need to revert back to default shaders and clear game cache to get rid of this. The TOD is set to 12:00 clear. If I set it to cloudy I still get clouds against a black sky. How do I get rid of this issue?


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I am using RWE Pro. The route is KCS Shreveport Sub as an example. This happens on all scenarios. I am using the original AP Weather Pack with APEP Fair Clouds. This is something new. Up until a few weeks ago everything was normal.

When starting TSC through RWE in 64 bit in the disabled mode I get normal sky. If I start TSC through RWE with RWE enabled I get this dark sky issue. To revert I need to restore original shaders, close RWE, close TSC and restart. It must be something in my custom settings but I don't quite know where to start. It seems that the blue is missing from the sky.



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