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RW Enhancer 2 compatibility with Train Simulator core/DX12 update (28/04/2023)

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Hello everyone, 

As you may have noticed, Dovetail Games has released a new version of Train Simulator which target to improve the game stability and do more improvements in the future. 

I'm happy to say that this version is compatible with RW Enhancer 2 (gameplay features and enhanced shaders) without any update required on RWE 2 side. 


The new "DirectX 12 Experimental" version (restart steam if you do not see this launch option yet) is not compatible with the Vulkan renderer (DXVK) of RW Enhancer 2. So if you try to launch DirectX 12 Train Simulator version with the "Vulkan Renderer" setting enabled in RWE 2 you will get a "Ordinal 2.0" crash at launch. To fix this issue just disable the "Vulkan Renderer" option in RW Enhancer 2 settings menu and the crash will be gone 🙂 

Please note that Reshade (if you are using it) is also not compatible with this DX12 version. But RW Enhancer shaders improvements are still compatible 😉 

When you launch Train Simulator via RW Enhancer 2 drive menu, the regular 64 bits version will be launched. I'm planning to add a setting in order to use the DirectX12 version in a future patch that will be released next week so you will be able to choose if you want RWE 2 to launch the regular version of the DirectX 12 version. Thank you for your patience. I need a bit of time to wait test some things on my side to ensure that everything is working nicely. 

After this I will be able to resume my regular work and add more functionalities to RW Enhancer 2 in the future. 


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