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RWE2 not working


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my RWE was setup for Windowsmode before TSC Update.
Now Window-mode did no longer work for me (Bug-Report sent to DTG)
I am no in Fullscreen Mode.
I run RWE2, setup my Scenario, click to "drive Now".

TSC run in new 64Bit Mode, Monitor switch to fullscreen, i go to my scenario,
but RWE2 did not work for me. No Menus, no ambient sounds; 

RWE2 Settings to Fullscreen, Vulkan is on or off, make no difference.
I am NOT using DX12 mode.

how to repair this? thanks, alti.

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Hello @Alti

So basically, TS won't run in fullscreen windowed mode or windowed mode and only in fullscreen for now ? This is something DTG will need to solve as the fullscreen is sometimes not properly handled by RWE 2 right now. 

The latest Train Simulator patch is not very "stable" for now and introduce some random issues. DTG said the most major issues will be fixed very soon. So hopefully everything will be "fine" again. 

I have done a complete check of changed files in the the last update and nothing used by RWE 2 has been broken. So if there is some new issues since the TS core update, it is likely that the problem is coming from TS and not RWE 2. 

One thing i have found is that the Serz.exe file has been updated and it is now a bit slower in terms of performances and this file is used by RWE 2 in the cooking process. So the cooking process is now a bit slower than usual. Hopefully I can find some way to speed this up in the futures if DTG is not fixing this performance issue. 

This is the main source of headache for me with RWE 2, it is 100% dependent of Train Simulator evolution. So sometimes if new issues are introduced by TS updates I need to find some workaround if possible or live with it...

You can be certain that i'm doing my best to make everything working in the best way possible on my side 🙂 

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Hi, i got it to work again in Window-Mode.

so i found out that the max setting for window-mode that working is

<ScreenResY d:type="sInt32">1024</ScreenResY>

when try higher, so maybe 1050 or 1080 the TSC will not work.
my RWE2 works again.


WHY MY RWE works only when TSC in Window-mode?
Why it work not in Fullscreen?

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I can't get RWE2 to work when TSC is in Borderless Mode, but it does work on when TSC is in Windowed Mode.

Any help would be much appreciated as I want to run in Borderless Mode.

Many thanks,


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