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(Advice) AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 vs RWE 2 Pro


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Hi, I would like some advice on this matter. I have installed AP Sky and Weather Eh Pack 2. The RWE settings in the "Shaders" section tells me that some things are controlled by the AP Pack (see screen).
However, some routes are not supported by AP Sky and nd Weather - they are not in the list of routes that have AP Pack installed. Will RWE know that AP Pack is not present in a given route and use its shaders or not?
If not, I guess that's a problem, because then I won't be able to use the enhanced RWE graphics?


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Hello @Obelix

The same shaders are used on every routes, there can't be some specific shaders on some routes and some other on another route (this can't be changed as shaders can't be recompiled on the fly while the game is active, this is how the TS engine is designed). So yes if AP Sky pack 2.0 is installed you will loose some effects enhancement but only a few, most of effects enhancements will still be present anyway.

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