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Performance and FPS


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Dear all

I have currently got RWE Pro and looking to upgrade to RWE2 and have a couple of questions:

1) I currently use Vulcan API .dll and I have seen that this is included in RWE2. Does the RWE2 version perform better?

2) Does RWE2 affect FPS much compared to RWEPro?

Thanks very much, kind regards


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Hello @LesRoss87259

1- The vulkan renderer of RWE 2 is based on DXVK just with minor tweaks, it should by almost identical in terms of performance. The main benefit is that it is very easy to enable/disable the vulkan renderer with RWE 2 interface and that it is updated regularly. 

2- No RW Enhancer 2 offer the same performances compared to RW Enhancer PRO. The additional effects of RWE 2 are very lightweight in terms of performance impact (less than 1 FPS impact for most GPU's).


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