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Update is available !

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Update is now available 🙂 

This update is adding a new button that can hide the "Simulation Paused" window for users that would like to take some screenshots by using the "Pause" keyboard key.



The update is also updating the Vulkan renderer in order to include the latest stability improvements and fixes of the latest stable version of DXVK released a few days ago.

There is also various stability improvements and fixes made in core systems of the software. 

Thank you for your support and see you soon for another update ! 😉 



- Added 'Hide' button in 'Simulation Paused' window in order to hide the window until simulation is resumed (useful when taking screenshots by using the 'Pause' keyboard key)
- Fixed 'Stopped On Tracks' train PIS message being played when performing a load/unload passengers task
- Vulkan renderer fixes
- JSON data parsing system improvements and fixes
- Network communication system improvements and fixes
- Content cooker AP archives (temporary) decompression improvements
- Azure speech engine improvements and fixes
- Images loading improvements
- UI system improvements and fixes
- Input system fixes
- Core systems improvements, optimizations and fixes


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Hello, yes of course, i'm currently working on the future scripting system which is a big task, that's why it is taking more time than usual. I'm also taking my vacation during summer and that's why there is usually less things happening in this period.

A new maintenance update for RWE 2 will be released soon and more interesting updates will be released starting from early September 🙂 

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