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Train Sim pauses alot with RW Enhancer


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Good Afternoon,

I have noticed latley that when I load up RWE and to try and play trains, as soon as a scenario is loaded up, the game freezes for a couple of seconds, works and freezes - even happens when I get a train running too. Any suggestions please??

I have re-loaded TS up with 64-bit instead of DX12 Experimental from STEAM

Train Simulator (DX12 Experimental) 03_07_2023 14_34_27.png

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Can't reproduce this issue on my side even with the latest version of Train Simulator, by experience, this kind of issue is mostly caused by anti-virus softwares, please try to add an "exclusion" rule for both RWE and TS in your anti-virus settings. Anti virus software can cause some freezing issue when TS is communicating some data to RW Enhancer. This is the only potential source of freezing issue identified so far and having some exclusion rules for both TS and RWE is fixing this problem.

When an update is released for TS or RW Enhancer (and so the files signatures are changed), the anti-virus softwares tend to no longer fully trust the programs for a short period of time. (some days or a few weeks at most)
So you can tweak parameters of your anti-virus like described above or wait a little bit and this issue should be gone.

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