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RW Enhancer 2 Crashes


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Late to the RWE2 party but a long time user of RWE Pro.

Sadly the new version does nothing but crash TS to desktop with an error box, this locks me out of everything and having to force power down. Cannot Task Manager and close down app.  This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I have used RWE Pro with zero issues for a long long time and am willing to be patient for updates and a full release, eventually.

However, can I revert back to original RWE with no issue. It is still installed and assume RWE2 has not affected its files? Will uninstalling RWE2 remove the shader settings so I can continue using the original version with no issue.

I am not a fan of the cooking thing, it makes the process very clunky indeed, just like to boot and go if Im honest.

Apologies for the downer of a post, the original RWE is great tho!


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Hey there, quick response so many thanks for that.

I cannot do a screen grab as the pc freezes 🙂 However, it seems to happen once i run RWE2 and select a scenario/QD and launch TS. From there, if i drop to desktop I get the error crash. Next run I will write down the error, should have done so!

One possible issue is that in the voice settings, each voice pack says 0MB next to them. Only google search I could find had some convoluted method to add them via the registry, which didn't sound a normal procedure so have not done so.

Have run a QD and did not drop to desktop, I did hear a small announcement at the station but is the only voice heard so far, not anything like i see on reviews and demos. The visuals look amazing and the ambient sounds can now be heard.

I was able to quit to menu and out of the game without a crash on this occasion so could sample the new version a bit at least! 


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If you find something that could help me to fix the issue you had the first time, please send me that by private message 🙂 

I can also recommend you to add an anti-virus exclusion rule for both RW Enhancer directory and TS directory (the whole directories and not just RWE2 and TS executables files). From time to time, especially when a new update of RWE 2 is available the various anti-virus softwares can cause some odd issues in the communication process between RWE 2 and TS. 

As a reminder, you can play TS with RWE 2 graphics enhancements without being required to launch RWE 2. Just like RWE 1/Pro (if you have at least performed the RWE 2 cooking process at least once).

Of course if you want to have RWE 2 gameplay features (HUD, audio enhancements, radio, PIS...) RWE 2 need to be launched and active 🙂 

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