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RW Enhancer PRO : Bug Report

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9 hours ago, snekacz said:

Bohužel RW Enhancer PRO verze 1,02 nejde spustit. Verze RW Enharcer funguje normálně. 

RW Enhancer PRO normálně nainstalován, ale shadery se nepřepíší. 


My friend, "snekacz" (post above), have problem, with RW Enhancer PRO, both versions, 1.01, 1.02. The program can be launch normally, but, if he tries to install shaders, program reporting: "Shaders installation failed". Path to game is set correctly, UAC is completely disabled, antivirus is completely disabled, program is always launched with the admin privilegies, but still, we can't install shaders. Where is the problem? OS is Windows 10, 64-bit.

Strange is - the basic version, of RW Enhancer, working fine, but PRO version not working (failed to install shaders).

"snekacz" doesn't speak English, so I'm writing the post.

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So, his username haven't any a non standard character, his username looks lihe this: "Šnek a Ondra". I thought, the problem was caused, by diacritics ("Š"), but I have Windows username, with diacritics too and I haven't any problem, with RW Enhancer PRO, program working fine, without any problems.

So, what now?

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Norton 360 has just decided that RW Enhancer Pro.exe is a virus and deleted about 22 files from my PC which stopped TS from running. I was unable to restore from Norton program as it kept asking for file location to restore to but didn't tell me which file it was trying to restore. Fortunately I was able to print out a list of deleted files and restore them from a backup and managed to get TS running again. 

I excluded the RW Enhancer Pro Folder from Norton scans and reinstalled. Since then TS has run without any errors.

I have reported the file to Norton as being safe.

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@rickyt7808 @motorhomegirl14 We have contacted Norton team so they can fix this issue and here is their answer: 


Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and as such this detection will be removed from our products.

So this issue will be fixed in a few days by updating your antivirus virus definition files.

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Hello, i have a problem with the RW Enhancer PRO v1.03 utility, a similar problem was reported in October 2019 by a user with the nickname "VonShark". When trying to install shaders, the error "Shaders installation failed" occurs. The installation went without problems, the path to the game files was set correctly.

How can I solve this problem? If necessary, i am ready to provide my own "log.txt".

P.S. I apologize in advance for possible errors in the text, i write with the help of a translator.

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I'm having an issue with the quick drive menu. 

I'm trying to create a service on the Chatham Mainline (the new one with Blackfriars). 

The station stop menu does not include all possible stops for this run. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The service I'm trying to make is from Victoria to Dover Priory. The missing stations seem to be in the middle of the route, the Teynham/Faversham area.

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