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Poor FPS with RW Enhancer 2

Bo Jensen

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Hello everyone,

I bought the RW Enhancer 2 and unfortunately I have to realise that I am experiencing significant FPS drops when using the programme. However, forums and this website say that it has virtually no effect on the main TSC programme. There are probably even players who get better FPS rates with RW Enhancer 2. Using RW Enhancer 1 usually gave me a stable 60 FPS. Now I get 30 FPS on some tracks. This significantly impairs the gaming experience. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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Good evening @Bo Jensen, This can happen when the graphics card drivers are not up to date, or when you have a non-Vulkan compatible graphics card (this remains rare these days). try starting the game in a lower resolution, playing with graphics settings, try a clean reinstall of RWE 2, carefully following the installation procedure. However, we must keep in mind that, despite the excellent quality of the software, it remains an overlay on top of the existing game, and that, on certain machines, with more modest configurations, we can see an impact on the Overall FPS. .

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Honestly with all the enhancements/mods I have currently, 30 fps is kind of normal for me (R5 3600/32GB @2400 MHz/RTX 3060 12GB). Can run >60 fps if only on "vanilla" version without any mods/enhancements. But regarding "fps drops" I've had similar issue before. Running with Vulkan renderer, the graphical upgrade on it self works fine (got 25-30 fps while capped at 30 fps). But whenever I'm playing with RWE2 overlay, the game drops fps even more to 15-19 fps. I found out the issue was that; my Train Simulator Classic installation directory was on an "ExFAT" formatted drive while my installation of RWE2 is on "NTFS" drive. After I moved my TSC's directory into NTFS drive, all seems fine... Now with the overlay on the background I got 27-29 fps. (Haven't check it out in the new TSC 2024 update tho).

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