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  1. When I drive a 22200 in a scenario and after een while I save the game and want to go on next time, the 22200 doesn't react anymore. Automatic start up doesn't work. What can I do to make "alive" again this beautiful loco after saving a scenario and go on an other time? kindest regards de Pays Bas Ruud
  2. Merci beaucoup pour votre patch si rapide. salut Ruud
  3. J'ai aussi la meme problemei: Lake Constance - Marchandises pour Singen - Partie 1 rwp 1 kb Pas possible d.'ouvrir cette fiche. J'ai tacher un autre web browser, la meme resultat c'est dommage
  4. Merci pour cette scenario. Maintenant j'ai eu la possibilite de faire connaissance avec cette superb route.
    It is much easier now to start the train ( for me), thank you. How ever it is better to handle the automatique brake with the mouse, then it works fine. It is such a fine train to drive, I love the sound very much. Which I think of many French locos, very nice sounds. kindest regards Ruud
  5. Merci beaucoup pour votre travail. I'm going to download and test it. I will let you know how it works fine Easter days for you, joyeuses paques. kindest regards Ruud
  6. Don't be sorry it is a hobby. I have tried your new modification. The brakes are operating as you describe but the "A"influences not only the the traction controller but also the yellow button ( BP-AC-SF). The "W" and "S" are operating also in the right way. thank you very much for your efforts kindest regards Ruud
    Merci bien pour cette fichier si rapidement. La route est trop interessant grace a votre travail. J'espere vous pouvez corriger le son de Thurbo aussi. salutation des Pays Bas Ruud
  7. I have downloaded this magnifique machine. But I have a qwerty keyboard which we use in the Netherlands. I can't get this train driving. Is there a manual for qwerty keyboard or can somebody explain how to drive this wunderful machine? kindest regards Ruud
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