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Very dark nights (not a complaint or bug just asking advice)


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I seem to have black as ink nights but can't work out what to adjust to see (something/anything). The in-game brightness isn't doing anything whether I have it on 50% or 100%, I have had this overly dark night thing for a good while now which to be honest I forgot about because I've been driving summer daytime scenarios, tonight I happened to be driving the RSC class 325 which doesn't appear to have an interior cablight which is what made me wonder what setting I could alter to see a little better.

Could it be a RWE shader setting or an in-game advanced graphics setting or maybe a combination of both?

Any pointers to throw me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


Screenshot is taken at 19:00 on a clear spring evening.

RailWorks64 2022-03-23 04-20-41.png

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No advice huh?


I'll just stick to daylight then as I get very little free time I don't particularly want to spend that randomly and blindly tweaking values on two or three fronts and running the game and waiting for a scenario to load and then probably making things much worse than I started..


Have a great day all.. 🙂

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Ok great thanks, as an aside, I removed reshade completely and it was indeed still the same.

A weird thing I discovered though is if I adjust the brightness setting slider in the in-game options the brightness doesn't change even after pressing save, however if I Alt + Tab to minimise the game and then restore focus to it the change takes effect, don't know if this is due to RWE2 or not?

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5 hours ago, RW Central said:

You mean the Train Simulator brightness setting ? 

Night/day lighting can be different for each route (this is set by the route developer) so some route may be darker than others.

Yes in the TS settings, sorry I should have been clearer. 


Not aware of any scenario editor settings though, other than time/date/season of course.

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On 3/25/2022 at 10:43 AM, RW Central said:

@Reef Thank you for pointing me out the gamma issue. There is a problem indeed with the gamma correction code that is currently broken. I am currently fixing it and the fix will be available in the next update.

My nights do seem better now since many thanks.

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