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Update is available !

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Update is now available and it is bringing more useful features and fixes 🙂 

Now you can select scenario by engine in the "Drive" menu. Before this update the scenarios were selected by route only.


Selecting an engine will show you all RWE 2 compatible scenarios sorted by routes.


So this is a new convenient way of selecting scenarios in RW Enhancer 2. Combined with the very fast search and filters of RW Enhancer 2, scenario selection is now easy and intuitive. 

The "Content Explorer" was upgraded with new contextual buttons when right clicking on consists, engines and routes elements.

You can now start a drive session by right clicking on an engine, consist or route element.




More than that this version is adding some neat improvements and fixes. The "Loaded/Cooked Routes List" is now sorted alphabetically for convenience and the rolling stock and routes images are now loaded in the cooking process and use CPU multithreading capabilities to accelerate the loading. The UI will not temporarily freeze anymore when searching for rollingstock or routes for the first time after launching RWE 2. 

See you soon for another update and thank you to past and new RWE 2 users ! 🙂 



- Added scenario selection by engine support in the drive menu section
- Added 'Drive On This Route' and 'Open Route Folder' contextual actions when right clicking on a route in the content explorer
- Added 'Drive Scenario With This Engine' and 'Drive QuickDrive With This Engine' contextual actions when right clicking on a engine in the content explorer
- Added 'Drive QuickDrive With This Consist' contextual action when right clicking on a consist in the content explorer 
- Added images multithreaded loading support
- Selecting an engine/route in the scenario tab now also select the same engine/route in the quickdrive tab and vice versa
- Cooked/loaded routes list is now sorted alphabetically in the content cooker
- Engines, wagons, routes ect... images are now loaded in the cooking process
- Improved 'Drive' menu UI layout
- Improved UI display fluidity
- Fixed temporary freeze when opening content explorer for the first time after launch
- Fixed temporary freeze when opening engines or routes selection window for the first time after launch
- Fixed minor memory leak in TS com interface system
- Minor improvements and fixes


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