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Pause in cooking

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Thinking there should be a pause button when cooking. When this operation happens it has a noticeable effect on system speed. When there is a large Railworks file cooking can take a long time the first time. Can a pause/resume button be added? I have almost 700GB in my Railworks folder. I know that a full folder scan is supposed to happen once but for some reason it is required again.

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Pausing the cooking process can lead to some potential dangerous issues that could corrupt files and such but i'm planning to add more cooking settings so the users can tweak the number of CPU cores used by the process for example (by default all available CPU cores are used) so this could help to free some computer resources while the cooking process is active 🙂 

Plenty of improvements are planned, it is just a matter of time to wait. Now that RW Enhancer 2 is becoming stable enough (compared to the initial release) the updates needs to be made carefully to not break the software stability and adding new bugs.

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