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Update is available !

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Update is available 🙂 

This update is bringing a new rendering method to Train Simulator based on the Vulkan API and based on the DXVK project. This new renderer is considered as experimental and will be updated regularly (both with DXVK official updates and special adjustments made for Train Simulator and RWE 2). 

This new renderer can be toggled on and off very easily by just one button click in RWE 2 settings menu. We recommend you to read this wiki page to know everything about this new renderer: https://wiki.rwenhancer.com/doku.php?id=core:vulkanrenderer

Please note that this new renderer is also working even if you are not using RW Enhancer 2 HUD or gameplay features. Once enabled in RW Enhancer 2 settings, this renderer will work even if you are launching Train Simulator (64 bits version) without RWE 2.


This update also add the Train Simulator "display mode" settings in the settings menu for convenience. So you can change the TS display mode before launching it. "Borderless Fullscreen" is recommended as it is the most stable and bug free. (with TS and also RWE 2)


Like always, some minor fixes are also included with this update.

Translation work is continuing 🙂 A long process but soon finished 😉 

Thank you for your support and patience.



- Added experimental new Vulkan renderer support for Train Simulator. You can enable/disable it in RW Enhancer 2 'Train Simulator' settings menu. Please read this wiki page for more details: wiki.rwenhancer.com/doku.php?id=core:vulkanrenderer
- Added 'Display Mode' setting in 'Train Simulator' settings tab
- Stability improvements when launching Train Simulator via RW Enhancer 2
- Fixed some TS crash to desktop issues with some scenarios
- Fixed SAPI voices list button displayed even if Azure speech engine was selected in gameplay settings menu
- Minor fixes


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Wow! 🤯 It's crazy (good) what you are doing! You must be a real expert in your field if you "just like that", from externally, switch out the complete rendering engine! I really didn't expect that, but it's a welcome, great surprise to see this is possible (with enough effort)! My very congratulations! 🤗

(PS: Ok, to admit, I didn't try out the new feature yet. 😁 But (as a software engineer) the sheer theoretic achievement of this already amazes me. 🙂)

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Initial impression - I have Vulkan on XPlane 11 since that was introduced to the sim and  have been most impressed with that. 
So - now smoother, good frame rates, much less tile load stutters.

The only possible downside, which might be another change you have made, is that the shaders appear to have become more 'contrasty'? 
Train colours in low light times very dark with whites very bright.   If you haven’t changed the shaders, I will look for an alternative on the website.   I did previously find that steam locomotives were very dark.

Apart from the - great work thanks!  Look forward to maybe being able to run at a higher screen resolution than the monitor as I did previously?    I was running 2880x1800 on my 1920 x 1200 Dell monitor. 

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I too am most impressed and very excited about this development, at this stage the only thing I have noticed is an unusual highlight around objects in the distance, as the objects get closer the highlight gradually disappears.

I look forward to the ongoing development of this aspect of RWE2





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I have also noticed  this along the distant skyline and assumed it was a feature of the scenario I was using for testing.     I will now check with Vulkan on and off to confirm when next on PC. 

in fact looking at Jareb's screenshot above I can see the identical white halo band effect along the skyline. 

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3 hours ago, RW Central said:

Hello @Bekns

Can you confirm me that the above image is took when using Vulkan renderer ? Thanks


Hello @RW Central

Yes that is correct.

I have a save point mid scenario so below I have taken a screenshot after resuming to get a side by side comparison, the first one with the Vulkan renderer applied and the second one without.  While doing this at I have discovered as seen below that there is an element of the highlight while using standard renderers but it seems to be accentuated with the Vulkan renderer.  This is mostly occurs against the backdrop of the sky, it is a bit hard to tell in the top screenshot as the tree is in the way but this effect is seen the length of the horizon.


With Vulkan rendered enabled



Without Vulkan renderer enabled




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I experimented with different weather/time situations with the X-Plane Vulkan version and did not find any sparkly halo effects.   There was just a slightly noticable lightening at the juncture of the land/sea/sky.  Pictures attached to clarify.   Keep up the good work - I'm sure a solution will be found!image.thumb.jpeg.f22ea1bd6a80a6633e9cdd07842ee302.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.6e77b419a631177f401f8997de3b1422.jpeg

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