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Update is available !

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Update is available.

This update is bringing the first batch of French/German translation of the user interface. This translation/localization is still work in progress and more translated content will be added by batches in next coming updates.

You can change the language of RWE 2 UI here:


Note for German players: The German translation can have quite a lot of grammatical or vocabulary errors. If you see some translations issues please report it back by private message here on RW Central. This will be fixed in futures updates.

This update also bring some minor improvements/optimizations to the experimental Vulkan renderer and lower the default HDR exposure value in the shaders. This should make the lighting a bit more 'realistic'.

A few maintenance updates should be released during August and then the work on the 0.8.x branch will start in early September 🙂 

Thank you everyone for your support and your help to make this software a must have for extending the life of Train Simulator.



- Vulkan renderer improvements and optimizations
- Added French/German UI localization initial support (WIP). More is coming in next updates
- Added 'Language' in 'General' settings tab
- Azure speech engine improvements and fixes 
- Slighly reduced HDR exposure level in shaders
- Fixed content cooker system doing more work than needed when only recompiling shaders
- Minor fixes


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@Reef and @462, I have completely fixed the issue, no edge artifact on my test PC anymore. The issue was not caused by DXVK but by DTG default shaders... This issue is also visible with the default shaders even when not using Vulkan or RWE 2 shaders but it is much more visible with Vulkan. So my fix is working with and without using Vulkan 🙂 (But of course you have to use RWE 2 shaders to benefit from the fix)

Please contact me by private message if you can help me to test the fix before the release of the next update that will include this fix.

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