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Update is available !

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Update is now available.

This update brings scenarios weather information when browsing scenarios. This feature was requested by many users and is now available. 



The settings menu UI has received some improvements and the settings are now better aligned and the general layout is improved ("Shaders" and "Train Simulator" tabs will receive this improvements in the near future): 


There is also some important fixes in this update. An important issue has been fixed in the content cooking process. The content cooking process should now be able to load some rolling stock / scenarios that were previously not loaded correctly and not usable with RWE 2. Also, the UI flickering issue in the "Drive" menu is now fixed 🙂 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to important fixes and improvements in the content cooking system, a full cooking is required after installing this update.

See you next week for a new update ! 



- Added new "Show Speed Limiter" setting in HUD settings
- Added "Weather" info when selecting a scenario in drive or content explorer menus
- Added "Weather" scenario filter in drive menu and content explorer
- Added Weather blueprint data cooking support 
- Vulkan renderer improvements and fixes
- Settings UI layout refactoring (better alignement and visibility). WIP, more is coming
- Fixed some rolling stock, scenarios and routes data not properly loaded by the content cooking system 
- Fixed occasional "Drive" menu sidebar UI flickering issue  
- Various improvements and fixes


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After installing this update, RW enhancer 2 suddenly shuts down at 73% of the " cooking required routes step ".  after restart( several times ) it begins again with the cooking proces and , yes, around 73% of the " required routes step" it shuts down. is this a bug?

apologies for my poor English

Kind regards, Louke1968

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My missing rolling stock issue is now fixed after a long rescan, but I did need  to check the 'Try to load corrupted TS content' and then rescan again after rebooting RWE2.   I am amazed to see stock that I had long forgotten I had!  Brilliant and thank you!


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