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Train (and Station) announcements - Train i.d.


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One immersion issue for UK train simmers that I had noticed in the past but had quite honestly blocked out and forgotten about until I was reminded by someone recently is with the train identification announcements.

I don't know how this works in your country or any other non UK countries and for all I know is an accurate representation for you but in the UK it would not be "Welcome aboard train number one thousand two hundred and thirty four" in fact there is no actual numerical identification other than the service (headcode) number i.e. 1L(Lima)22 or the T.O.P.S. identification i.e. Class 325 (followed by unit number) 001 and neither of which is announced to the passengers via either the on-board or station announcements anyway

It would more likely be (and this is a rough assumption/approximation here as I don't travel by rail and haven't done for many many years but someone with actual knowledge on this can correct or adjust as need be) "The train now boarding at platform 1 is the 19:55 to London Euston" (again this may be corrected by more knowledgeable train persons than I).


So at the very least I'd suggest if a value of 0 (zero) is entered into the identification field (in QD creation) then leave out this announcement altogether instead of the apparently randomly generated 4 figure number that is announced at present.


Ideal long term solution would be to have the ability to enter either a train ID number (as it is now) or tick a check box the UK styled announcements which would announce the final destination and planned timetabled arrival time. If value is 0 (zero) and the box left unticked then the train ID announcement would be omitted altogether.





Decided to remove the UK Service part from my mock up image as this may be beneficial or preferred by other countries besides the UK too.


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Hello @Reef

English PIS improvements are definitely planned. In fact i am working on a complete scripting system integrated inside RWE 2. With this scripting system + modding support it will be possible to make a completely personalized PIS system. 

The English PIS system will receive some realism improvements and then with this scripting system, RWE 2 users will be able to improve it even more 🙂 

It should be ready in a few months. Hopefully it will be ready by January/February.

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That's great because I'm quite lazy when it comes to manual entries 😂


As for the operators names that's great, how will it get that info? (thinking of the plethora of Operators over the years that seem to come and go at a moments notice)

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